Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cant keep up...

I've been spending a lot of time working on stuff and have not had a chance to upload this blog what so ever.
I assure you that adventures have been had though. These past two months have been revisits to a lot of places that I have been a million times.

Last Month
My friend Chandra came and visited for four days.
Earlier in the day we visited our friend Keti at her work and then bought awesome animal masks! Later in the night we started off by trying a bunch of local stuff which was no longer accessible and followed up with an awesome night and a bunch of drinks at a bar on the water. When the bar closed we hopped a fence to another dock to take pictures of the power plant across the way. Seconds later, we watched our friend Keti swan dive unexpectedly off of said dock. We helped her out of the water, said our goodbyes and went home.

The next day we had full permission to take pictures at a lovely local, shut up and peely historic theater. Beautiful place, unfortunately it will probably sit there until the owner finally sells it or demos it.
It needs approximately 200-300k in repairs and work for it to be up to building code. Like most normal people the owner cannot afford this.  After this we drove two hours to BT training school where we filmed a video short poking fun at an acquaintance and rummaged around some other buildings. We then drove out to North Hampton to do the last of two surviving buildings left from the original North Hampton State Insane asylum, a building I will never forget. We got to the building right around Dusk so the hallways lit up like a rainbow, each room being a different color. This building had such beautiful wood work, much like the rest of the former North Hampton State. When we started loosing the rest of the sun we were invited to our friends house right around the corner where we were greeted with pasta and an amazing salad!

The next day we ran around N.S.H. where we were stuck in the only building with out tunnels in torrential down pour. The rain lasted from probably a little over an hour until we decided to just make a run for it to another building. Once we entered the main campus and got inside a building by climbing over a 12 barricade, the rain ceased immediately. Go figure! Soaking wet we went through as much as we could above grown and proceeded to the tunnels which were ultimately and randomly sealed off by big steel fences and chains. We were able to get through one fence only to reach another that was impassable. After about three hours and a multitude of hallway shots we continued on the 2 mile train track walk back to the car. Stopped at a store and picked up the ingredients to make lobster mac and cheese. Got home, devoured mac and cheese, watched some movies, and then went to bed. The next morning we bid each other fare well and then went back to boring life.

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