Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Done lost my mind.....

Got out of work at 3pm on Saturday, which would usually be a 14 hr shift (9am-11:30pm) for me, so I was extremely happy to get out so early. I went home, got all my necessities together, took my dogs for a walk, and then laid back and waited for my friends Amy and Brendan to arrive. 6pm rolled around and so did my friends.

We drove for four hours, listened to Mariah Carey and Impaled, stopped to get some energy drinks, got to our POI, ate at a bad ass 24 hour diner, had a grilled cheese, trudged through the woods for 1 hour, got lost, got wet, got lyme disease, saw flashlights, laid in grass, walked another hour, got into 11 floor medical building, heard kids up stairs and scared them away, tried to find Roland's sleeping bag, took another hour to find the sleeping bag, thought the room they slept in was disgusting, pulled the mattresses out and put 3 of them in a seclusion, covered them with a plethora of sleeping bags, went to the roof for air, drank beers and whiskey till 6am, listened to black metal, pulled ticks off of each other, went to bed in a patient seclusion, woke up freezing, clothes were still soaked, put them back on, walked around the med-building, left to walk around the Kirkbride, almost fell through a floor, jumped off the morgue roof into a tree to get down, carried around way too much shit, went bowling, got attacked by Robins in a rec room, hung out on the roof and drank green tea, spent 5 more hours inside, left the hospital, walked through the home depot parking lot while workers were staring at us covered in dirt and ticks, went back to the 24 hour diner and ate some bad-ass food, ran up to Fishkill Correctional (Mattewean State Hospital) with a sick squat stance, picked up more drinks and drove 4 hours home with most righteous people on the face of earth.. That pretty much sums up the trip.

A little history on the place......

Completed in 1871, it was designed by Frederick Clarke Withers while Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux designed the hospital grounds

This Kirkbride is somewhat unique in that the female patient wing, is shorter than the male wing. This design was planned before construction on the hospital was even finished.  At the time it was expected that there would be fewer female patients than male patients.The Kirkbride Plan was designed so that each gender was separated to their own wing, and even thought the building is asymmetrical it is still considered complete.The wings of the hospital were built to hold 300 people of either sex and were divided by a chapel in the middle of them so the patients could not see into the rooms of the opposite sex. The facility was used up until the 2000's, by this time most of the Kirkbride had been sealed off and abandoned. 

You can see the rest at under HR Psychiatric...
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