Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God is everlasting.....

For several months I drove past her and watched as she was destroyed by the elements and unwelcome strangers. Soon she will be gone, another piece of history wiped off the face of earth in exchange for a fatter wallet and an even drearier future.

She was born in 1904, a single building holding 95 patients and originally built to follow the Kirkbride plan (I did say originally, didn't I?). Almost 30 years later she had grown to be a whole campus consisting of at least 40 buildings, housing over two-thousand patients and staff as well. Everyone from the criminally insane to the unfortunate who contracted Tuberculosis were housed on the grounds. By the 1970's most of the original buildings were no longer used and come 1996 when she officially closed, only two buildings were active. The rest had been used as storage or abandoned completely.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Took a little early morning trip to the old Rhode Island Sanatorium and TB clinic.
Part of the campus is still active and several buildings including the Tuberculosis ward are closed down.
However, the first floors are used for hospital storage. There are several staff housing units on the ground
that have been completely untouched since they were last used, probably mid-80's when the Sanatorium closed most of its buildings. The insides were complete with all the original furniture, mantles, lamps, rugs, and even hanging picture frames, all of this surrounded by peeling lead paint. I am planning on talking to some people soon to be able to enter the buildings, for now here is a couple exteriors.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nameless ciphers in the system...

Took a trip to NY with Gre and South to meet up with Evan. We were yelled at by an old lady, tailed by cops and security, and covered in asbestos and rain. After KP we stayed in a hotel, drank a lot of beer, swam in a piss warm pool, woke up at 5am to a nuclear fallout alarm, evacuated the hotel, went back to sleep, and then woke up at 9am to hit up Pilgrim and Creedmoor. At Pilgrim we were greeted by Latino construction workers and a lovely young lady and her super sweet dog. The construction crew were actually clearing out part of Pilgrim for demolition and told us we could take pictures inside and outside to our hearts desire, so we had no security problems unlike KP. After Pilgrim we decided to head over to Creedmoor.

Thanks to Linda for the great conversation and making us seem less sketchy!